Learn to Swim

Why choose Lara Swimming Club Learn to Swim Program?

The Lara Swimming Club Learn to Swim Program will greatly increase your child’s safety in the water and enjoyment of water-based activities under the guidance of our experienced instructors. Beginning with water familiarisation and progressing to swimming 25 and ultimately 50 metres, your child will be encouraged and supported along their journey.

We offer customised programs that focus on confidence, technique, endurance and, of course, fun.

Swimming lessons for learners are held in conjunction with the Lara Swimming Club’s weekly meets, and will commence on Saturday 3rd November, 2018 at the Lara Pool.

The times of the two sessions available are:

  • Level 3 9:00am → 9:30am
  • Levels 1 & 2 9:30am → 10:00am

Program Structure

Swimming lessons for learners are held in conjunction with the Lara Swimming Club’s weekly meets. We start our learner program with children of ‘school age’ (that is, they must be attending school or are starting in the following year). We have three defined levels for lessons at the Lara Swimming Club that do not necessarily correspond with those of other programs offered at other venues.

Level 1

A beginner group, which we start with water familiarisation and safety.

Level 2

Extends the concepts of Level 1 with those of stroke technique, in order to introduce the children to propelling themselves through the water unaided using a recognised stroke technique. At this level they are taught freestyle and backstroke and the beginnings of the breaststroke technique.

Level 3

Where our learners have been able to swim 25-metres using one or both of the above strokes unaided. These children are assisted in developing their strokes and will hopefully progress through to enter the Club’s 50-metre novice races and then into age group swimming events.


Children progress through groups as they become more proficient. However, if the children in a group are progressing at the same rate, we will often not move them into other groups, as this could be detrimental to their progress. If you do not think your child should be in a particular group, please discuss this with the Learn to Swim Co-ordinator, or the teacher in charge of the class.

Our Swimming Teachers

Our teachers have many years’ experience between them. Some have come through the same learner process as the children they are now teaching and they have an understanding of the challenges that our learners face.