Code of Conduct

The following standards have been adapted from the Australian School Sports Council document School Sport Australia – Codes of Behaviour. They apply to members of the Lara Swimming Club Inc.

For Swimmers

  • Be a good sport
  • Compete for enjoyment
  • Strive for personal excellence
  • Work hard for your team as well as yourself
  • Treat all team mates and opponents as you enjoy being treated yourself
  • Compete by the rules
  • Co-operate with team members and officials
  • Control your behaviour in and out of the pool
  • Learn to value honest effort, skilled performance and improvement

For Coaches and Instructors

  • Set a good example for your swimmers
  • Encourage and create opportunities to develop individual skills
  • Encourage team participation
  • Ensure that the events are appropriate for the age group and the skill development level of the swimmers involved
  • Teach your swimmers to be friendly towards officials and opponents, and to treat them with respect
  • Discipline any swimmers whose behaviour is not acceptable and where necessary impose appropriate penalties
  • Keep your own knowledge of coaching and developments of the sport up to date Share your own knowledge with others as the need arises

For Parents/Carers

  • Encourage participation by your children
  • Provide a model of good sports behaviour for your child to copy
  • Be courteous in your communication with swimmers, officials and sport administrators
  • Make any new parents/carers/swimmers feel welcome on all occasions
  • Do not interfere with the conduct of any event

For Spectators

  • Demonstrate appropriate social behaviour
  • Remember swimmers compete for enjoyment. Don’t let your behaviour detract from their enjoyment
  • Let officials conduct events without interference
  • Support skilled performances and team play with generous applause
  • Demonstrate respect for other competitors and their supporters