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Welcome to all members


For an introduction as to how our Club was formed in 1963 and other interesting information, it is worthwhile referring to the article entitled Lara Swimming Club History. The Lara Swimming Club also has a public Facebook page and a members only Facebook group (see a committee member regarding joining).

At the Lara Swimming Club the traditional colours of navy blue and white are used and different items of clothing carry various authorised versions of the Club logo. Several ordering opportunities will be available to members during the season to purchase Club apparel and these dates will be communicated to you.

One of the great strengths of the Lara Swimming Club is that it is a family club. As well as its primary functions of offering a Learn to Swim Program for younger children, and conducting weekly swimming meets for the competitive swimmers (both young and old), there is a great social aspect to the Club. For more information about the social activities planned for this season, please refer to the section Social Sub-Committee in the club booklet or check the Events Calendar.


Learn to Swim & Club Meets

The Learn to Swim lessons and Swimming Meets (or competitive races) are held weekly throughout the season which operates from October until March. The competitive races begin in October at the Handbury Centre for Wellbeing (at Geelong Grammar School, Corio) for a few weeks at the start of the season, until the Lara Pool opens for Club and Learners on 31st October. The Swim Meets at the Handbury Centre are held on Friday nights and will begin at 5:45pm. The remaining races for the season are held at the Lara Pool on Saturday mornings, with the first race beginning at 8:00am; swimmers should be at the pool at the time requested by the Club coaches for warm-ups. For information about the dates and types of swimming races held throughout the season, please refer to the section entitled Lara Weekly Swim Meets & Learn to Swim Dates in the Handbook or the Events Calendar. Please note that the onus is placed on swimmers to ensure that they have entered these weekly races (swimmers are not automatically entered). Information about these weekly Swim Meets and how to enter the races is outlined in the section Club Meets, Races and Special Rules in the Handbook. This section also outlines special races in which parents/carers and mature-aged swimmers can participate (referred to as semi-retired swimmers).

The Learn to Swim lessons begin only when the pool opens at Lara on 31st October. These are also held on Saturday mornings, with the time of the lesson depending on the class in which your child has been placed. The lessons will operate on the same dates as the competitive races are held. On some Saturday mornings special novice races are held for the Learn to Swim children. For more information about these dates, refer to the section in the Handbook entitled Lara Weekly Swim Meets & Learn to Swim Dates or the Events Calendar. An outline of how the program operates can be found in the article Learn to Swim Information.

Training Programs

The Club also offers a varied training program, where swimming coaches assist swimmers with their stroke technique and provide training schedules for competitive swimmers. More information regarding coaching can be found in Coaching Information in the Handbook or the Squads section of the website. The different membership packages and fee schedules for training are outlined in the section Swimming Victoria and Club Fees and the Fees section of the website.

Swimming Victoria Registration

When you register online with Swimming Victoria you will be required to pay a fee, depending on whether you are being registered for the Learn to Swim Program or competitive races. Whilst registering online, you will receive a “Meet Manager ID” or “Registration Number”. This is your personal identification number and, if you intend to swim in any swim meets outside of Club competitions, you will need to provide this information on your entry forms.

Swimming Victoria registration is essential to ensure that you are covered by public liability insurance (which is where much of your registration money is apportioned), in case you injure yourself when attending either our weekly Club meets (for learners and competitive swimmers) or outside competitions.

Please note that our Club is not permitted to allow unregistered swimmers to train or compete.

Entering External Meets

For an outline of the procedure to follow when entering competitions or swim meets held by other clubs, please refer to the article entitled Swim Meet Procedures in the Handbook, and take note of the form required to submit swim meet entries.

The Lara Swimming Club is part of the Barwon South West Swimming District – which encompasses swimming clubs from the Geelong area through to the South Australian border. There are various District events held throughout the season and Lara swimmers may be selected as members of these teams.

Special Events

At the end of each season the Club hosts two special events (you will be notified of the venue and time for these events during the season). These events are:

Presentation Day

Trophies are awarded to winners in the various categories of competitive races held throughout the season. Trophies for the most improved male and female Learn to Swim child are also awarded and certificates are presented to all the Learn to Swim children. An outline of the types of trophies awarded can be found in the article Club Points System, Trophies and Special Rules. Other special Club awards are also presented.

Annual General Meeting

A range of reports regarding the Club’s performance during the preceding season are presented and any newly appointed Life Members are announced. This is where members are elected into official positions within the Club for the following season. A description of each of the Club’s official positions is outlined later in this booklet.


Please read all parts of your Handbook carefully, so you become familiar with procedures within the Club. The Club’s noticeboard is located near the external doors of the Clubrooms and information is updated throughout the season, so please refer to this on a regular basis. The Club’s newsletter, Splash Notes, is also distributed monthly throughout the year outlining any Club news or important information. Other information may be sent out by group emails, so please advise Greg Andrews ( of your email address.

Please remember that if you have any questions regarding any swimming matter, such as the Learn to Swim Program or the Club’s competitive races, do not hesitate to ask any member of the Committee, who will only be too happy to assist you.

We hope you have an enjoyable season!