President Scott Thompson
Vice President Murray Nelson
Secretary Clair Pell
Assistant Secretary Pam Strijder
Treasurer Greg Andrews

General Committee
Robyn Cogan
Anne Glenister
Margaret Kerr
Harley Short
Stephen Walker
John Peterson
Leanne Nelson
Mary Voss

Club Officials

Carnival Secretary Mary Voss
Coaching Co-ordinator Kathy Plummer
Assistant Coaches Robyn Cogan, Rebecca Balm, Anne Glenister
Membership Officer/Registrar John Peterson
Assistant Membership Officer Mary Voss
District Representatives Scott Thompson, Murray Nelson
Social Sub-committee Co-ordinator Murray Nelson
Media Officer and PR Scott Thompson
Archivist Pam Strijder
Annual Booklet Co-ordinator Natalie Hughes
Programmer/Compiler Robyn Cogan
Sponsorship Sub-committee Co-ordinator Scott Thompson
Sponsorship Sub-committee Member Stephen Walker
Apparel Co-ordinators Eddie and Radana Cernus
Website/Facebook Co-ordinator Clair Pell
SV AGM Representative Mary Voss
Officials Kevin Healy, Mary Voss, Gerry Voss
Chief Timekeeper Jo Lucas
Assistant Timekeeper Stephen Walker
Chief Judge Paul Hughes
Assistant Judges Pam Strijder, Noreen Healy and Natalie Hughes
Chief Starter Greg Andrews
Child Safety Officer Anne Glenister