Social Sub-Committee

As the name suggests, the Social Sub-Committee is a group of fun and engaging Club members who provide activities and events that allows members of all ages to mix and socialise. The Sub-Committee supplies a friendly and welcoming environment to support swimmers and to help ensure that everyone around the pool enjoys the Lara Swimming Club experience.

Lara Swimming Club Christmas BBQ

The Social Sub-Committee relishes any feedback or suggestions about any new activities. Based on member feedback, the Sub-Committee has lined up the following activities for the upcoming season:

Saturday Mornings

  • Traditional breakfast at the pool
  • Bacon and eggs breakfast (once a month)
  • Pancake breakfast (every 2nd month)
  • Tattslotto
  • Fruit and meat raffle

Christmas Activities

  • Christmas break-up (including Santa)
  • Christmas hampers
  • Wine raffle

Other Events

  • Trivia night
  • Friday night BBQ
  • Pizza night
  • Movie nights

Upcoming social activities will be communicated to members using the Splash Notes newsletter and email.

To assist in the organisation of breakfasts on Saturday mornings, we are likely to call on other families to help out with these breakfasts at the Lara Pool. This will involve collecting breakfast fees, selling raffle tickets, preparing food and cleaning up. It is envisaged that each family will only be required to assist once or twice each season. The Social Sub-Committee will arrange the purchase of all breakfast items.

Lara Swimming Club Christmas BBQ

Check the Committee page to see who the current Social Sub Committee members are.

As you can see, being part of the Social Sub-Committee is about fun, fun, fun! So, if you’re young or old and like helping and mixing with other members – join the Committee of Fun – you’ll never look back! If you’re interested in joining or have any ideas on how we can improve contact Scott Thompson or myself. We are always interested in new members.