Life Members

Over the years the Lara Swimming Club has awarded life membership to those members who have performed extraordinary service to the Club over many seasons. The support, commitment and dedication these members have shown towards the Club during their active service has helped make the Club what it is today.

The following people are Life Members of the Lara Swimming Club:

June Richardson

Karen Sharp

Diana Nolan

John Frame

Beryl Kenny

Margaret Kerr

Natalie Hughes (Strijder)

Matthew Healy

Des Blackman

Russell Bramley

Jenni Brown

Nancye Bath

Graham Annett

Kath Stirman

Margaret Rawlings

Kevin Healy

Beverley Kelly (Nolan)

Maree Veenstra (Rawlings)

Pam Strijder

Robyn Cogan

Julie Lane

Greg Andrews

Daryl Richardson

Lyn Wilks

Dennis Stirman

Robbie Dorris

Wayne Astill

Kevin Nolan

Brad Tattersall

Peter Kelly

Phil Plummer

John Peterson

Paul Hughes

Scott Thompson

Murray Nelson