How to join Lara Swimming Club

You will need both a Swimming Victoria and Lara Swimming Club membership.


This covers insurance and affiliation costs with the State swimming body, Swimming Victoria (SV) as well as a fee to Swimming Australia Limited (SAL).  It is compulsory for all members who enter the water to pay SV registration.  It is also highly recommended for non-swimming members. SV fees can be found here

The SV registration payment is made directly by swimmers (or parents/carers) to Swimming Victoria, the governing body for swimming in Victoria.  Payments are made via the Swim Central site and must be paid by all Lara Swimming Club Members at the commencement of each new season before participating in any Club training or activities.  The Membership Officer can assist if anyone has trouble registering with Swimming Victoria.

1. Become a Swimming Victoria member

Get your new Swimming Victoria Membership through Swim Central.

2. Become a Lara Swimming Club member

Fill in the club membership form

Please contact Scott Thompson at to receive a link to fill in the membership form.