Club Membership Form

Registration Process

  1. We need the swimmers to hand their completed forms to their relevant coach at the first sessions they attend from 1st July. It is very important that coaches have up-to-date medical information and emergency contact details. The President will also have some hard copies available.
  2. On 1st July Swimming Victoria (SV) will separately email all who were registered last year and SV fees will then be due. Anyone who is new this season will need to go to Swim Central and register as a new member. Swimmers should inform the coaches when SV registration is completed, so that their registration numbers can be added to the forms.
  3. The SV fees are unrelated to coaching fees for which payments should continue as normal.
  4. After the AGM (usually held in August) members will be informed of the Club fee which will apply for the new season.

Download the LSC membership form.